Petite Pleasures

Hannas Honeypot2

Petite Pleasures is inserting glass dildo on her pussy. Here she is with pig tails and bangs. If we have said this once we will say it again it doesn’t make her look younger if anything it makes her look older like a milf trying to be a teen. The legs of this cute woman are wide open. The woman is wearing grey sandals. One hand is inserting a clear dildo inside her pussy. The pubic area is not covered with any hair which is what we call a bald camel toe. The blonde haired girl is biting her lower lip. The boobs of the cute woman are not that huge. She is outside lying down on a white blanket. The area is covered with green grass. It is a sunny day for the cute girl to play around. While we know this is an old image she was born in 1985 so you can do the math.  Probably silly to complain about this because she really is an amazing beauty.

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